Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik

Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik

8 Seasons

Properly retouching skin, beauty and portrait images has always posed challenges for retouchers and photographers. Pratik Naik will share his analytical approach and advanced Photoshop knowledge to give you an effective workflow for retouching skin, beauty and portrait images.

Beauty & Portrait Retouching With Pratik Naik
  • Industry Expectations

    Episode 1

    For this section of the training series, shift focus towards retouching images with men as the subject of your imagery. Examine industry expectations, the retouching approach when dealing with a man's skin tone and texture. Examine the characteristics of grit, specularity, more pronounced texturi...

  • Analyzing the Image

    Episode 2

    Continue analyzing a portrait image of a man, looking at pores, stubble, facial structure breaking down specific elements to retain and distractions to eliminate based upon industry and client expectations versus personal taste.

  • RAW Processing

    Episode 3

    Using Capture One, follow retoucher, Patrik Naik, as he processes a RAW image capture to be retouched in Photoshop. With this example, prepare an image of a male subject, with ideal dynamic range, exposure and neutral white balance, retaining resolution and bit depth for the retouching process.

  • Initial Clean Up

    Episode 4

    Begin the retouching process with skin cleanup across the male subject's skin texture. Work quickly and efficiently using the healing brush and clone stamp tools for a textured, natural skin tone.

  • Dodge and Burn

    Episode 5

    Build on your experience, practicing dodging and burning with a male subject. Using helper layers, curves, masking and Photoshop's paint brush - enhance dimension and highlights with intention for textured, masculine, skin tone.

  • Sharpening and Color Toning

    Episode 6

    Move the retouching process into the final stage, focusing on sharpening and color toning. Using high pass filtering, develop a refined finish to the skin texture and tone, retaining and enhancing detail in the skin pores and overall texture. Adjust contrast, along with hue/saturations - focusing...