Watch this video and more on PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN

Watch this video and more on PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN


  • Forehead Hair

    As you work across the subjects face, examine a new surface - focusing on the hairline. Explore how to deconstruct the boundary with the healing brush, establishing a new, cleaner boundary. Learn to paint new natural hair while preserving skin texture and tone as you retouch forehead hair in an e...

  • Eyebrow Hair

    In beauty, there are so many critical details. Eyebrows are no exception. In this part of the series, follow retoucher Patrik Naik, as he examines best practices for achieve form and shape, while learning to exercise restraint in your retouching. With tools you have grown familiar with, focus on ...

  • Flyaways

    In this section, focus on eliminating hair flyaways with a clone stamp and masking methodology. Learn to quickly and efficiently contain distracting and disorganized hair for high end, industry leading results for your beauty and fashion portraiture.