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  • Adobe Lightroom Masterclass Bundle

    96 videos  |   Buy $241

    Master your photography workflow using the FULL Adobe Lightroom suite! This bundle contains 96 lessons with over 9 hours of training and 85 RAW files, teaching you Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile.

    Lightroom CC:
    How to import and organize your photos. Pro retouching techniqu...

  • Fine Art Portraiture, Styling & Retouching

    23 videos  |   Buy $199

    Drawing inspiration from her years as a painter, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk creates painterly portraits with a camera. Her imaginative concepts, meticulous planning, and attention to every detail result in portraits that belong on museum walls. Gemmy shares her understanding of historical approaches t...

  • Dramatic Portraiture Lighting Styling & Retouching

    37 videos  |   Buy $199

    Shadow, Emotion, Mood, Storytelling; all of these are foundational elements of a dramatic portrait. For photographers aching to improve their grasp on the tools of dramatic portraiture, knowing where, and how to start, can puzzle even the most sophisticated of artists.

    PRO EDU partnered with Chr...

  • Natural Light Portraiture+ Retouching Dani Diamond

    103 videos  |   Buy $199

    Some images appear effortless while maintaining an incredible impact on the viewer. Dani Diamond walks through his process of utilizing natural light in any condition, exposing images with a specific formula, and a detailed retouching process. This tutorial provides a complete understanding of ho...