Cinematic Color Grading For Adobe Lightroom

Cinematic Color Grading For Adobe Lightroom

10 Seasons

Cinematic Color Grading for Adobe Lightroom focuses and highlights Justin Lister's Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom workflow in creating his composites, fine art, and editorial portrait style shoots. Justin's workflow with Lightroom color grading enables users to quickly build color grades using LUTS, Presets, and his retouching workflow for his photography.

Cinematic Color Grading For Adobe Lightroom
  • Fine Art Environmental Portraits

    Episode 1

    Justin's passion for his Fine Art work shines through when he discusses how his images come together, considerations that dealers and galleries want in Fine Art pieces, and how to make your stories come to life.

  • Motel - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    Episode 2

    Justin shares the deeply personal meaning and concept behind the Motel image while developing the retouching plan.

  • Motel- Raw Processing & Cleanup

    Episode 3

    The Motel image continues with the RAW Processing and cleanup, preparing the image for the colorwork that follows.

  • Motel - Color Grading

    Episode 4

    Infusing color into the image, Justin talks about why certain colors work better than others and builds out this image into its finished state.

  • Basement Chicken - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    Episode 5

    We see images constantly in our lives. How often do we think about the people behind them? Using his mother in law, nicknamed Chicken, Justin, and his family wrestle with loss while holding on to the memory.

  • Basement Chicken - Raw Processing & Cleanup

    Episode 6

    Justin shows a simple technique to aid in complex composites while building out this image to its color ready phase.

  • Basement Chicken - Color Grading

    Episode 7

    Justin demonstrates once again how color can completely alter the mood of an image. Changing it from night to day and sending a very different message with each.

  • Aliens - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    Episode 8

    For our last image of this tutorial, Justin explores the thought-provoking image of Aliens. A multiple shot composite that blends all the elements of storytelling and drama into one.

  • Aliens - Raw Processing & Cleanup

    Episode 9

    Beginning with the Raw processing, syncing, and cleaning of the image you get to see first hand how all the elements of this image, shot separately, come together to deliver amazing final results.

  • Aliens- Color Grading

    Episode 10

    The final color grade of the tutorial brings Justin's vision for this image to life.