Colored Gel Photography With Jake Hicks

Colored Gel Photography With Jake Hicks

7 Seasons

Color has never been more important to the story of an image. Famed UK photographer, Jake Hicks walks you through his signature style using color gels to create vibrant and life-filled images that grab a hold of every viewer. Jake takes you from understanding the basics of bringing color to your subjects to creating complex color schematics with a dynamic impact.

Colored Gel Photography With Jake Hicks
  • Meet Jake Hicks

    Episode 1

    Join photographer, Jake Hicks, in the complete guide to creating Colored Gel Portraits. Listen as Jake discusses his philosophy as a creative artist and his belief in the importance of differentiating yourself. Receive a course overview, highlighting the four key looks that will be covered - Gell...

  • The Fundamentals of Colored Gel Photography

    Episode 2

    Begin with learning an overview of the six fundamentals of shooting with gels. Learn the impact exposure has on the hue of a gel color. Apply best practices to control unwanted color contamination when using multiple gels. Explore how to effectively utilize both soft and hard light modifiers. Und...