Watch this video and more on PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN

Watch this video and more on PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN

Up Next in Gelled Beauty

  • Darkening and Sharpening

    Move the edit forward into the final stages of the retouching process - focusing on sharpening the exposure. With each pass in the process expand from a targeted to more global, all encompassing approach. Push the detail of RAW combined with production lighting and Lightroom processing, to provid...

  • Highlights and Colors

    With global sharpening applied, focus on the final pieces of the retouching process. Feather the highlights for a subtle roll off in specularity, reducing the often oily appearance of skin tone, without losing the dimension. Take a multi channeled approach to color toning. Learn when to process c...

  • Image 2 Full Edit

    Follow photographer, Jake Hicks, through an uninterrupted retouching session, on another image from the gelled beauty series. Learn how to expedite your workflow in a series image, by re-using some of your work from the first image across subsequent images.