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Watch this video and more on PRO EDU Photography Education

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  • Image 3 Lightroom Culling

    For the third and final image of this location series, develop an entirely different mood and tone for colored gel on-location shoot. In contrast to the warm pastels of the previous two images, cull through a series of darker, richer tones for an evening, nightclub look. See the results of shifti...

  • Image 3 Lightroom Colors

    With a hero shot selected, work on color, exposure, and contrast to prepare the image for retouching in Photoshop. With the white balance manipulations applied in camera and to the lighting setup during production, evaluate and adjust the results in the development module of Lightroom. Adjust hig...

  • Image 3 Full Edit

    Complete a full retouch of the third and final image from this location series. Before moving on to another location and different model, finish the retouching for this stairwell, nightclub look. Utilize the power of content aware, the magic wand tool, and the familiar procedural method of skin a...