Commercial CGI Beverage Workflow In C4D & Photoshop

Commercial CGI Beverage Workflow In C4D & Photoshop

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In this tutorial, Dustin Valkema walks us through how to create a realistic-looking glass beverage and carrier in Cinema 4D and Redshift. This tutorial is the perfect companion to the Intro To Modeling tutorial with Geoff DeVries as we're bringing both projects together to create one awesome product. Covering everything from subtle imperfections, logo placement, stacking materials, product lighting, rendering, and post-production, Dustin shows us the entire process in this project-based tutorial.

We're using Redshift inside Cinema 4D for its speed and flexibility during the material creation process and rendering. We'll dive into mixing various materials and texture maps together while previewing our changes easily. While we're using Redshift, the fundamentals of our project will carry over quite well in Octane Render.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a great grasp of what it takes to create awesome beverage work and gain the confidence needed to start with your own projects. You'll be introduced to various ways of thinking and problem solving as Dustin navigates this project from start to finish.

Commercial CGI Beverage Workflow In C4D & Photoshop
  • Fixing Camera Composition Adjustments & Base Materials

    Episode 1

    With all the feedback in hand, Dustin sits down at the beginning of his workflow to reexamine the camera composition and make adjustments.

  • Making The Box Model Imperfect

    Episode 2

    For a CGI project to be perfect, it has to have imperfections, just like something from the real world would have. In this video, Dustin will work on building some dents and bends into the box carrier.

  • Adding Box and Bottle Material Imperfections

    Episode 3

    Continuing on the theme of imperfections makes perfect, Dustin continues to manipulate the box while also working on the materials for the bottle.

  • Lighting Adjustment

    Episode 4

    With all the adjustments to the composition and the materials, the lighting has to be reconfigured and adjusted. Dustin revisits lighting to make sure everything is still working.

  • Adjusting our AOVs & Render

    Episode 5

    In this video, we make adjustments and double-check the AOVs. This collection of assets will give us all the information and pieces for our final composite.

  • Post Production On New Image

    Episode 6

    With all the rendering done, it is time to bring the final image into Photoshop for post-production and retouching of the images.

  • Project Outro

    Episode 7

    With the image retouched and delivered, Dustin gives his final thoughts.