Composite Workflow & Studio Lighting With Renee Robyn

Composite Workflow & Studio Lighting With Renee Robyn

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Photographers often struggle to blend subjects into backplates shot at separate times with different variables. Renee Robyn teaches how to read, understand, and recreate lighting in backplate images, so you can properly capture a subject in the studio. Renee then demonstrates her post-production magic to blend studio and location captures into a seamless and impactful story-driven image.

Composite Workflow & Studio Lighting With Renee Robyn
  • Lighting Checklist

    Episode 1

    Transition to a studio environment for a Soft Light composite shoot. Follow photographer, Renee Robyn, as she applies the lighting checklist in a production scenario. Learn to evaluate a backplate on set, to build lighting and capture subject composite elements.

  • Lighting Setup 1

    Episode 2

    Using the lighting checklist process, with a backplate reference on set, capture a subject composite element in studio. Build up a lighting setup around the model, using Capture One for a live, tethered preview for how the subject will composite with the target backplate. Focus on pose, bounce li...

  • Lighting Setup 2

    Episode 3

    In this second lighting setup, hone the process of compositing with a wardrobe change. Iterate through multiple exposures to capture the proper highlights, shadows, perspective and subject placement, to create a realistic and natural composite. Leverage the power of Capture One, tethering for a l...

  • Retouching

    Episode 4

    With the Soft Light studio shoots complete, follow retoucher, Renee Robyn, as she culls through her image captures to select the best compositing elements. Learn which images she selects and why. Evaluate pose, highlights, shadows - in addition to creative storytelling elements to integrate the p...