Watch this video and more on PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN

Watch this video and more on PRO EDU UNLIMITED PLAN

Up Next in The Nativity Scene

  • Cleanup

    With compositing complete, proceed to the cleanup and final toning of the Nativity Scene image. Clean up skin, use frequency separation for balanced texture, and liquefy facial structure to better closely resemble the likenesses of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

  • Toning

    Move the Nativity Scene towards the final stages of retouching, using Photoshop for targeted and global adjustments. Using a variety of steps, push the image into the final, finished look. Apply dodge and burn, curves, color fill, and vignetting to hone the final color and contrast of the image. ...

  • Personal Style and Closing Statement

    Congratulations! You have successfully completed Dramatic Portraiture with photographer, Chris Knight. We really want to see your work in our online community. We encourage you to practice these techniques and reflect on the philosophy presented within this training. But most importantly, we want...