Puerto Rico Influencer Event II

Puerto Rico Influencer Event II

The Second Annual Puerto Rico Influencer event is back for round 2. We rented out an entire hotel in Old San Juan and invited some of the top Working Pro's in the industry to talk about pricing, business, photography, gear, success, failure, Photoshop, publishing, editorial photography, commercial photography, travel photography, and so so much more.

Hosts of the show Gary Martin and Rob Grimm invite a special co-host Frederick Van Johnson to the show to make it a full ménage à trois of hosts with special guests from every genre of photography to the show.

Join us for interviews with Jake Hicks, Tomas Arthuzzi, Jeff Rojas, Wayne Johns, Michael Bonocore, Tracy Lee, Alex Niki, Clay Cook, Dennis Dunbar, Thomas Ingersoll, Kevin Titus, Kevin Brown, Kyle Brown, Rob Timko, Lala, Josh Rossi, Felix Hernandez, and Anita Watkins.

Puerto Rico Influencer Event II
  • Introduction To The Industry Influencer Event | San Juan

    PRO EDU is proud to present a special video podcast series hosted in the beautiful and resilient island of Puerto Rico. Join renowned food and beverage photographer Rob Grimm and PRO EDU co-founder, Gary Martin, along with This Week in Photo (TWiP) host, Frederick Van Johsnon. Listen as they feat...

  • Portrait Photography With Jake Hicks & Tomas Arthuzzi

    Join our featured guests, photographers Jake Hicks and Tomas Arthuzzi, as they contrast their approaches in having successful careers. Listen as they discuss what it means to be creative, their perspectives on social media, and the importance of specialization versus creating images across genre ...

  • Building A Viral Campaign With Josh Rossi

    For this episode, join photographer, retoucher, and social media phenomenon, Josh Rossi as he discusses his evolution as a creative artist. Listen as he describes his strategy as a creative in the age of influencer marketing.

  • Documentary & Street Photography Rob Timko & LaLa

    For this episode, join photographer Rob Timko and model, LaLa as they share their experiences around the controversial subject of shooting and modeling for graphic, sexual imagery. WARNING: This episode contains sexually explicit content. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Portrait Photography With Anita Watkins

    For the final episode of this series, join retired teacher and portrait photographer, Anita Watkins. Hear her story involving a career change, building up a successful portrait photography business, and establishing lasting, authentic business connections.

  • Business & Marketing With Thomas Ingersoll & Kevin Titus

    Join our featured guests, commercial photographer, Thomas Ingersoll and portrait photographer, Kevin Titus as they discuss the path of an emerging photographer, building a business and finding clients.

  • Retouching & Composite Photography Dennis Dunbar & Felix Hernandez

    Join our featured guests, Hollywood retoucher, Dennis Dunbar and photographer and compositor, Felix Hernandez, as they discuss the world of high end retouching and compositing.

  • Product Photography With Kyle Brown

    In this episode, join photographer and seasoned PRO EDU community member, Kyle Brown, as he discusses his emergence as a photographer and the value of curated training and joining a photography community.

  • Travel Photography Michael Bonocore & Tracy Lee

    In this episode, gain a unique industry perspective from Michael Bonocore and Tracy Lee, as they discuss the dynamics of being travel and astro photographers.

  • Editorial Photography & Publishing With Alexandra Niki & Clay Cook

    Follow our featured guests, owner of Resource Magazine, Alexandra Niki, and editorial photographer, Clay Cook, as they discuss running a print publication in an ever evolving digital age and the importance of creating work that tells a story.

  • Portrait Photography & Business With Jeff Rojas & Wayne Johns

    For this episode, follow our featured guests, Photographers Jeff Rojas and Wayne Johns, as they discuss how to go about the task of getting clients in a modern industry.