Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema

Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema

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Dustin welcomes you to the world of 3D by introducing you to Cinema 4D by Maxon. Walking through the program's interfaces, functions, basic uses, and quick tips, Dustin will have you on your way to understanding the vast 3D experience that awaits you.

Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema
  • Welcome To Octane Render Settings Overview

    Episode 1

    Rendering is the final step in the CGI process before importing the image into Photoshop for post-processing. This final process comes with a variety of settings to get you the best results. Dustin walks you through his best tips for getting the perfect render.

  • Beauty Passes Overview

    Episode 2

    Dustin talks about using the Beauty pass in the Octane. Breaking apart your render into several different elements gives you the ability to isolate specifics of the file. Beauty passes are elements or layers that make up your “final” rendered image. These passes are greatly useful in compositing ...

  • Lighting Passes Overview

    Episode 3

    Dustin explains tools for rendering your lighting setups onto the model. These passes allow you to split each light in your scene into its own rendered layer. This is great for enhancing specific lights in post, easily without having to guess what that light would be affecting in your scene.

  • Info Passes Overview

    Episode 4

    Dustin talks about using the info passes in the Octane section of render settings. Info passes play a huge role in post-production. They are what makes selections, relighting and grading easy! Whether using ID (masking) passes or normals this section of render settings is used to output various l...

  • Tip Creating A Clown Pass Using Octane Tag

    Episode 5

    The “clown pass” is an amazing pass using the Object ID render pass in Octane. It gives you control over selections of each individual object in post by assigning a random color to each object in your “null” or group which is applied an Octane Object Tag and setting the Layer ID to 2. You can see...

  • Setting Up Render Settings and Savings Presets

    Episode 6

    In this section, Dustin tackles the render settings that give you the best render for the current job you are doing. What the options are in your rendering and how you can create presets for your go-to needs.

  • CGI final thoughts

    Episode 7