Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema

Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema

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Dustin welcomes you to the world of 3D by introducing you to Cinema 4D by Maxon. Walking through the program's interfaces, functions, basic uses, and quick tips, Dustin will have you on your way to understanding the vast 3D experience that awaits you.

Intro to Cinema 4D with Dustin Valkema
  • Welcome to Texture UV Basics

    Episode 1

    Introduction to the concept of UV mapping a model. UV mapping is assigning new axis points to the object in order to tell the program how texture will adhere and react to the 3D model once they are placed and rendered.

  • UV Selections

    Episode 2

    Dustin talks to about how to select various elements within the UV editor and how to find them in your viewport model. This will help you understand how the UV editor interacts with the overall model and what type of preparations you need to make in order for textures to be overlaid later.

  • UV Checker and Projection Types

    Episode 3

    The way you overlay your materials onto any model/object is critical to realism. The UV checker will allow you to look at the skin of an object more closely and allow you to align things properly.

  • Relaxing UV's and Stretching

    Episode 4

    In this section Dustin explains how UVs might need to be resized, relaxed, and/or stretched in order to make the texture that will be applied to flow properly and minimize artifacting.

  • Packing UV Islands and What It Means

    Episode 5

    Understanding UV islands, how they are packed in the UV editor and how packing will impact materials once applied to the model.

  • Why UV Scale Is So Important

    Episode 6

    Dustin talks about understanding UV scale in the UV editor. Understanding scale in the UV manager will help make sure that the materials applied to the model later will match the texture of similar adjacent sections of the model. This provides consistency across the materials used in the final st...

  • UV Transformation Tool

    Episode 7

    This tool replaces most functions of the old, separate UV tool such as Move, Scale, Rotate and horizontal/vertical distortion (however, it only works in the texture view). Before the UV Transformation tool can be called up, a UV component selection has to be made. A rectangular interactive frame ...

  • Basic UV Tools

    Episode 8

    Dustin takes you through a review of the basic tools in the UV editor.