Introduction To 3D Modeling In C4D

Introduction To 3D Modeling In C4D

5 Seasons

Geoff DeVries introduces you to the world of building CGI models in Cinema 4D. Geoff teaches fundamentals of setup, modeling, and unwrapping; while creating a full product to be used for product or lifestyle renders. The software used will be C4D for the entirety of the modeling process. Going over proper resources for starting a project to accurately create a product along with setting up the initial scene file is vital to success. Geoff teaches the basics of scene organization when it comes to labeling your parts and grouping assemblies.

Fundamentals of modeling will cover blocking out forms, adding details, maintaining clean geometry, controlling subdivision surfaces through loops using traditional methods. These methods carry over to every model that is created in the CGI environment. It is important to understand how to work with geometry if you are creating your own models or buying them and need to edit them. This comes into play on both sides.

UV unwrapping models using different methods based on the shapes and goal at hand for the texture/material side. UV unwrapping can be challenging to wrap your head around. Starting with some simpler products using different methods will give you a better understanding of the tools at your disposal. UV packing and how and why to approach it in certain ways. Not everything has to be packed perfectly but some parts do. Let's learn the difference between what matters and what doesn't, and how to make that determination!

Introduction To 3D Modeling In C4D
  • Introduction To A Modelers Workspace

    Episode 1

    Opening up C4D for the first time and switching over into the Model workspace via the drop-down in the top right of the window. Inspection of the user interface changes, mainly the four viewports and the tool buttons along the bottom of the screen.

  • A Few Modeling Tools & Their Uses

    Episode 2

    Recap of some of the tools at our disposal. Creating an example primitive shape while using showing uses bevel, extrude, loop path cut, and stitch & sew.

  • The C4D "BP - UV Edit" Workspace

    Episode 3

    Switching to the UV workspace to look at the tools we have to use for unwrapping. Looking at the main column in the center of the layout along with the two bottom left regions and what is in them for tools.

  • UV Unwrapping Tools & Their Functions

    Episode 4

    Looking at the more commonly used tools that Geoff works with. Using a quad sphere as an example while going through the tools: Ctrl+T Transforms, automatic UVs, projection mapping, UV unwrap, UV weld relax, mirror, align UV islands, and reset UVs.

  • The Project Resources And Assignment

    Episode 5

    In this section a look at the resources we have to work with for the assignment and how they will be used. Cover what products we will be making (show an example image of the final product) and the goal by the end of the series.