Introduction To Photoshop with Pratik Naik

Introduction To Photoshop with Pratik Naik

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Photoshop is a complex and expansive post-processing tool. Pratik Naik teaches an approachable guide to mastering the fundamentals of Photoshop. Pratik has geared this tutorial specifically to provide photographers the proper foundation for using Photoshop in non-destructive ways.

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Introduction To Photoshop with Pratik Naik
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

    Welcome to an Introduction to Adobe Photoshop with retoucher, Patrik Naik. This course is aimed at photographers who want to learn Photoshop. Follow Patrik by learning the basics, then progress to more advanced features for your workflow.

  • Modifying the Layout

    Episode 2

    Begin to explore the layout of Adobe Photoshop. Gain complete confidence in navigating the application, regardless of what version you are using. Understand the basics of opening a new document, identifying features like the palettes, tools, and setting up a custom layout for your retouching work...

  • General Preferences

    Episode 3

    Examine Adobe Photoshop's preferences as it pertains to photographers. Optimize your workflow by understanding how to manage image interpolation, bicubic smoothing, default startup actions, default appearance and tools. Explore file handling, save recovery information settings, and learn best pra...

  • New Documents

    Episode 4

    Learn to create new documents in Photoshop, adjusting canvas sizes, pixels parameters, color space, bit depth and manipulating background contents. Explore zooming within a document. When working with multiple documents leverage Photoshop's tabbed application framing, stacking and tiled arrangeme...

  • Brushes

    Episode 5

    Transition your focus to one of Photoshop's most flexible and dynamic tool sets - brushes. Learn the power and flexibility of brushes as retoucher, Patrik Naik, works with a RAW image from photographer, Dixie Dixon. Examine brush size, softness, edges, flow and opacity. Practice creating brush st...

  • Wacom Settings

    Episode 6

    With a solid foundation for Photoshop brushes, learn about the ideal hardware accessories for a retouching workflow. Learn about Wacom pens, tablets and additional brush settings to optimize your process. Examine shape dynamics, pen pressure, and leveraging the power of software drivers to unify ...