Introduction To Photoshop with Pratik Naik

Introduction To Photoshop with Pratik Naik

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Photoshop is a complex and expansive post-processing tool. Pratik Naik teaches an approachable guide to mastering the fundamentals of Photoshop. Pratik has geared this tutorial specifically to provide photographers the proper foundation for using Photoshop in non-destructive ways.

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Introduction To Photoshop with Pratik Naik
  • Other Palettes

    Episode 1

    Expand your knowledge and application of Photoshop's many palettes. Learn about palettes like the color, adjustments, clone source, histogram, and swatches with practical examples of subsequent their tool sets. Dig deeper and go further with the inner workings of Photoshop's toolsets, what they a...

  • Pen Tool

    Episode 2

    Wipe away the complexity surrounding another of Photoshop's most powerful and flexible tools - the pen tool. With minimal keystrokes learn to make any complex shape that you want. Understand how the pen tool will aid in creating complex masks and composites with clean lines, in a non-destructive ...

  • Other Tools

    Episode 3

    Cover some of the lesser know but useful tools and features within Photoshop's toolbar. Watch as retoucher, Patrik Naik, uses a variety of practical examples, for practical uses of the rectangle marking tool, elliptical marquee, lasso, polygon lasso, magnetic lasso, eye dropper, quick select, gra...

  • Color

    Episode 4

    Harness color, the elemental component of every image to create a really refined, advanced mask selection with ease. Hone selections, adjusting tolerance and fuzziness range, separating foreground and background elements. Connect your knowledge of Photoshop's brushes to fill in any areas of your ...

  • Content Aware Crop Tool

    Episode 5

    In this example, see the power of Adobe Photoshop's Content Aware engine. Seamlessly create a background extension, changing composition and aspect ratio, with a simple drag and drop operation.

  • Face Aware Liquify Tool

    Episode 6

    Utilize a fully featured retouching tool within Photoshop's Liquify feature. Quickly adjust facial anatomy with ease for subtle and dramatic effect. Apply anatomy adjustments across multiple exposures. Leverage the facial awareness engine to create enhanced subjects, adding dimension, volume, and...

  • Legacy Healing Brush

    Episode 7

    Compare the updated healing brush (the live healing brush) with the legacy tool. Look at performance and quality differences across a variety of skin blemish examples.

  • Select and Mask

    Episode 8

    Learn to create quick subject from background extractions using Photoshop's select and mask tool. Refine edges for clean extraction, with the ability to add and remove selected areas for clean masking. Work quickly with a global extraction, refining with additional selections to quickly select an...

  • Closing Thoughts

    Episode 9

    Congratulations on completing the Introduction to Adobe Photoshop course with retoucher, Patrik Naik. We encourage you to review these concepts, apply them to your own projects, and share them with our community. Practice, implement, and ask a lot of questions. Our goal is that you become empower...