Lighting Daytime Interiors

Lighting Daytime Interiors

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This course digs deep into first scouting your location and what to look for, understanding that the time of day is important even though you are shooting inside, your lens choice, your emotional lighting mood, tone, the lighting package, and the finesse of seeing each stroke of light as if you were painting on a canvas.

With this tutorial, you’ll gain confidence on set and learn quality and quantity of light, color contrast, and false color exposure techniques, along with the ability to balance interior and exterior lighting with ease.

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Lighting Daytime Interiors
  • How to Light Day Interiors: Location Scouting

    Episode 1

    Follow along with Shane Hurlbut at his home as he explains the location and the scene that will be filmed. Go through the location scout with Shane to learn how he envisions building out the set in a broad sense, taking account of the entire location and lighting it in a way that complements what...