Long Exposure Portraits With Jake Hicks

Long Exposure Portraits With Jake Hicks

7 Seasons

Every day new and exciting images are competing for our attention. Famed UK photographer, Jake Hicks returns to PRO EDU teaching a fundamentally simple yet powerful technique to create long exposure portraits impossible to ignore.

Combining ambient light with studio strobes, Jake introduces four unique methods of creating portraits while capturing unbelievable practical effects in-camera.

This tutorial was designed to teach you not just the technical aspects of long exposure photography but how to be truly creative in the studio and experiment in ways that will set your work apart from the rest.

Long Exposure Portraits With Jake Hicks
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

    Meet photographer, Jake Hicks and receive a training series overview.

  • Lighting Setup

    Episode 2

    Before learning to paint with light, identify a general overview of the equipment and overall rationale of Jake’s lighting setup. Work to create incredibly strong portrait lighting and posing in order to make beautiful, compelling, and engaging long exposure images. Build the foundation of a stro...

  • Key Light

    Episode 3

    Observe the importance of building up the set 1 light at a time to achieve precise results in a long exposure, light painting for an in-studio shoot. Learn Jake’s specific approach to settings, gear and lighting approach to create the highest quality exposure and image capture. Practice with some...

  • Fill Light

    Episode 4

    Continue the lighting build up, adding a fill light with more insight into the gear, rationale, and testing to shape the proper lighting balance between the fill and key light. Prepare your images with a shoot-to-edit approach, creating the widest latitude possible for creative control in post-pr...

  • Backlight

    Episode 5

    Work to adjust the backlight to create a perfect balance between the key and fill lights. Test a few exposures, continuing to dial in the balance for optimum balance of skin exposure, shadow latitude, focus, contrast, and dimension.

  • Hair Light

    Episode 6

    Position the hair light with precision to avoid unwanted shadows and create the final harmonious balance across all 4 lights. Lean how to avoid creating visual conflicts by properly positioning and angling the lighting setup. Work through iteration, refining a perfect lighting balance, with layer...