Long Exposure Portraits With Jake Hicks

Long Exposure Portraits With Jake Hicks

7 Seasons

Every day new and exciting images are competing for our attention. Famed UK photographer, Jake Hicks returns to PRO EDU teaching a fundamentally simple yet powerful technique to create long exposure portraits impossible to ignore.

Combining ambient light with studio strobes, Jake introduces four unique methods of creating portraits while capturing unbelievable practical effects in-camera.

This tutorial was designed to teach you not just the technical aspects of long exposure photography but how to be truly creative in the studio and experiment in ways that will set your work apart from the rest.

Long Exposure Portraits With Jake Hicks
  • Lighting Setup

    Episode 1

    With a new model, background, and wardrobe, learn another approach to long exposure photography. Observe how to place movement on the background of your set. With this emphasis, walk through the lighting setup to properly expose this technique.

  • Backlight

    Episode 2

    Begin dialing in your settings to properly expose the backlight onto the white backdrop. Test through captures, isolating the variables to achieve the best results.

  • Key & Fill Lights

    Episode 3

    With the backlight set, iterate through multiple test exposures to hone in the settings for the key and fill lights. Analyze the relationship between the model and the background, breaking down each exposure. Learn to identify the variables affecting each capture. Understand the relationship betw...

  • Camera Movements

    Episode 4

    After creating a solid lighting foundation, work through a series of captures by adding camera movement. With the addition of camera movement, learn to create new long exposure effects in relationship to the new background.

  • Posing

    Episode 5

    Learn to integrate camera movement with moving poses while also adding additional movement on the subject with a fan. Examine your captures to discern how to maintain focus while achieving the long exposure affect of variable movement within your setup. Experiment with your shutter speed to creat...

  • Wardrobe Change

    Episode 6

    Create a completely different look with a change in wardrobe, adding a gel, but virtually no change to your lighting setup. Maximize your shoot time by making simple tweaks to achieve a vastly different look.

  • Lightroom

    Episode 7

    Select and prepare the best image to retouch in Photoshop using some of the key features of Lightroom.

  • Cleanup

    Episode 8

    Begin retouching the second of four images in Photoshop. Apply a first past process with skin cleanup. Use patching and liquify to create a solid base for skin and volume to the subject, before moving into a multi-layered approach

  • Dodge & Burn-Targeted

    Episode 9

    In a second pass, approach skin cleanup with a targeted perspective, isolating specific areas to dodge and burn. Develop a more dimensional, even look, focusing on specific areas to protect and repair.

  • Frequency Separation

    Episode 10

    With the major areas of cleanup resolved, learn to apply a procedural and methodical approach to skin smoothing. Create even texture with tone.

  • Masking

    Episode 11

    Quickly create another multipurpose mask with the immediate intent of isolating the subject from the background.

  • Dodge & Burn-Global

    Episode 12

    In this retouching pass, create a more globalized dimension with shadows and highlights, pushing your image towards the final phase of retouching. Utilize your multipurpose mask to quickly and intelligently apply changes to isolated areas of the image.

  • Sharpening

    Episode 13

    Apply sharpening with confidence, without affecting the color balance and tone of your image.

  • Color Toning

    Episode 14

    Clean up a variety of spots, bumps, discolorations, and reduce unwanted highlights.