Marketing Your Photography Business | Website Optimization & Strategy

Marketing Your Photography Business | Website Optimization & Strategy

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Do you find it hard to make time for digital marketing between shooting and editing? Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to writing about yourself or your brand? Do you have a clear strategy for your website and your social media calendar?

As photographers and retouchers, we're in a crowded industry where it's tough to get new clients. The marketing and business side of the gig doesn't exactly come naturally to creatives. And sometimes, especially when you're working 40+ hours a week, there's just not enough time to sit down and power through it.

In this PRO EDU tutorial, you will learn how to get more attention for your brand by developing a customized marketing strategy. You’ll gather ideas on ways to tell your story in your own unique, authentic voice - in a style that is designed for the web and social media. By learning techniques to drive inbound traffic to your website and building effective outbound marketing campaigns you’ll gain a firm understanding of where your next clients are coming from.

Regardless of your current website platform, or if you have a website at all, this tutorial will help you grow your photography business by walking alongside marketing expert, Jared Bauman. He’ll provide you with checklists and tools of proven approaches so that you can avoid guessing or procrastinating. These best practices will give you a toolbox of skills that help you make the best of your time as a creative, allowing you to focus on the high profit marketing strategies.

This tutorial is for photographers who find marketing to be a chore, retouchers who need a clear content strategy, or any new creative entrepreneurs who want fast actionable steps to optimize their online presence and get more clients.

Marketing Your Photography Business | Website Optimization & Strategy
  • Forming Your Content

    Episode 1

    With an understanding of the importance of an optimized site, begin the process of learning how to develop engaging content - the cornerstone of your brand and the main element of your long term, online marketing strategy.

  • Researching Searcher Intent

    Episode 2

    Develop a process of research to align your storytelling with audience interest and search intent. Examine how search engines gather topical search queries that can drive what topics you use to create compelling content.

  • Writing In Your Voice

    Episode 3

    With an approach for research, consider the importance of developing content that features your personality. With a personal approach, consider your tone and relatability as you craft the stories that support and drive interest to your website.

  • Publishing to a Blog

    Episode 4

    Take a more in depth look at an example blog post to dissect what content can look like for a photographer when leveraging a blog platform. Examine titling, URL naming, meta descriptions, the purpose of headers, and content length.

  • Content Q & A

    Episode 5

    Continue an interactive Q & A with photographer Amy Schromm and marketing specialist, Jared Bauman. Further define the importance of content formation being the centralized piece of a successful long term marketing strategy for your business.