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Watch this video and more on PRO EDU Photography Education

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Up Next in Colored Gel Photography Part 1 Studio Portraiture

  • Adding Hairlights

    Continue the step by step setup for lighting the set. With key and fill lights established and positioned as the objective lighting of the shot, begin to build dimension, specularity, and separation from the background with the addition of hair lighting. Watch and learn as photographer, Jake Hick...

  • Introducing Color

    After completing a solid lighting foundation for the set, begin the process of introducing color. Think about color in relationship to the background of the set, the styling and wardrobe of the model, and the gels that are placed on each light. Apply color theory to the process of lighting a colo...

  • Lenses

    Explore lens options, with photographer, Jake Hicks, for creating specific on set results. Watch as he utilizes the 50mm Lensbaby Composer Pro, to create a practical radial blur. Iterate through a series of captures to achieve the ideal focus point and creative exposure. With lighting, gels, and ...