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Watch this video and more on PRO EDU Photography Education

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Up Next in Colored Gel Photography Part 1 Studio Portraiture

  • Wardrobe Change I

    With multiple images captured, transition to a new wardrobe and work to hone pose and story within the color gel key and fill lighting setup. Watch as photographer, Jake Hicks, teaches how to troubleshoot unwanted halos appearing around the model. Continue to iterate through multiple captures cre...

  • Wardrobe Change II

    In this section, work with an entirely new wardrobe and gels to create a whole new key and fill look. Use a new triadic color scheme with three primary colors. Continue to apply all of the principles and practice gained through the method of colored gel photography. Push post and composition to c...

  • Lightroom Culling

    With the photo shoot wrapped, move into the culling and retouching phase for gelled key and fill lighting. Using Lightroom, cull through a series of captures with photographer, Jake Hicks, to find the top images for retouching. Learn to assess the details with Jake, analyzing pose, color contouri...