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Watch this video and more on PRO EDU Photography Education

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Up Next in Composite Workflow Pt 2: Studio Lighting & Posing

  • Shoot - Part Two

    For this shoot, light and compose for a different backplate option. With the same wardrobe and subject, learn to adapt your lighting and posing for a different compositing scenario. Using the lighting checklist, dynamically adjust your setup for your set and create another option for compositing.

  • Retouching-Image 1

    With the cathedral shoot complete, transition into Photoshop for the compositing phase of the Cathedral image. Follow retoucher, Renee Robyn, as she guides you through an overview of the compositing and retouching process for this dramatic, rich image. Combine the subject with the backplate, focu...

  • Retouching-Image 2

    Using a different backplate for the cathedral shoot, composite another perspective and story for this theme. Build on your ability to shape light, environment and compositing capabilities. Paint shadows and sculpt light for realistic, beautiful composite imagery using Photoshop.