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Imposter Syndrome Much?

You're in good company. Many of the world's most successful artists have navigated the choppy waters of self-doubt, just like you. Investing in education can illuminate the path forward, allowing you to make decisions with confidence and pride in your art. Welcome to a community where overcoming imposter syndrome paves the way for unleashing true potential.

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Frequently Asking Questions

How does the trial work?

This 7-day trial give you access to our PRO EDU showcase, which is just a sliver of content we make at PRO EDU. After the 7-day risk free trial you can unlock the ENTIRE platform. The best part? PRO EDU is a tax write-off and investment into your business. So it essentially pays for itself.

Can 't I just learn all of this on YouTube?

PRO EDU stands out with its structured, professional-grade courses, unlike YouTube's 60 million channels with variable quality, commercials, and time-consuming searches for quality content. Additionally, many YouTube creators prioritize affiliate commissions over educational value, whereas PRO EDU focuses on delivering pure, actionable knowledge.

This seems too expensive!

The investment in PRO EDU pays off through access to exclusive content, tools, and a community that can't be found elsewhere, offering value far beyond the cost. Many of the lessons will allow artists with methods to increase their day rate in the first month.

I can find free resources elsewhere?

While free resources exist, PRO EDU's comprehensive curriculum is designed to take your skills to the next level in a way scattered resources cannot. 

What if the content is not relevant to my niche?

PRO EDU covers a wide range of photography genres and constantly updates its courses to reflect the latest trends and techniques. We continuously have photographers mention that a product lighting tutorial helped them with fashion photography. Yup, it all transfers.

I don't have time for structured courses, these seem long.

PRO EDU's platform is flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace, fitting even the busiest schedules. Just ask Connor McGregor's full time Photographer Dave Fogarty about how he travels the world with the PRO EDU app referencing Food, Product, and Portrait tutorials on planes, trains, and in cars just before his shoot.

Is this a tax write-off

Yes, for many countries PRO EDU is a tax write-off so you can expense this. Talk to your accountant to see if you qualify.