Photographing Men With Jeff Rojas

Photographing Men With Jeff Rojas

4 Seasons

Jeff Rojas shares his theory and workflows for photographing men in this comprehensive video course. Covering styling and posing, lighting, composition, and retouching, Jeff breaks down his process for conveying confidence and masculinity in a series of distinguished studio portraits. Using simple one and two-light setups, Jeff offers easy-to-understand processes for controlling and shaping light best suited for male subjects. Take advantage of this overlooked genre of photography and create value for your work by specializing in an untapped market.

Photographing Men With Jeff Rojas
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

    Welcome to Photographing Men with Jeff Rojas. In this series, explore the process of photographing men across commercial, corporate and cinematic setups. Focus on lighting, perspective, modifiers, and tone. But beyond the technical, learn how to create comfortable, confident imagery that evokes m...

  • Identifying Facial Shapes

    Episode 2

    Before entering the studio for a series of photo shoots featuring different male subjects, sit down with photographer Jeff Rojas to examine facial shapes. Explore a variety of facial shapes and how to manipulate light to create visually pleasing portraiture.

  • The Perfect Fit

    Episode 3

    With the understanding of how people perceive shapes and symmetry, identify the elements of styling that create a confident, compelling image of a man. Focus on wardrobe, the importance of a perfect fit, to evoke and accentuate the best features and attributes of men. Follow photographer, Jeff Ro...