Podcasts & Interviews

Podcasts & Interviews

Welcome to the PRO EDU Photography Podcast where Gary Martin and Rob Grimm interview the world's premier photographers, retouchers, filmmakers, and artists about their lives and careers in the creative field.

Podcasts & Interviews
  • The PRO EDU Photography Podcast with Gary Martin

    Listen to the photography podcasts where photographers reveal their pathway into their success, their failures, their regrets, and what's beind their achievements as Working PRO's.

  • Introduction To The Industry Influencer Event | San Juan

    PRO EDU is proud to present a special video podcast series hosted in the beautiful and resilient island of Puerto Rico. Join renowned food and beverage photographer Rob Grimm and PRO EDU co-founder, Gary Martin, along with This Week in Photo (TWiP) host, Frederick Van Johsnon. Listen as they feat...

  • Karl Taylor Interview

    In this episode we invite the living legend, captain of the sea, the Poo-Ba Of Product Photography, Karl Taylor. In our first ever remote video podcast, we sit down with Karl and chat about his life in commercial photography, education, diving, and everything in between.

  • RGGEDU Podcast

    Join Rob Grimm and Gary Martin in another RGG EDU Podcast with photographer and artist, Kelly Robitaille. Hear about Kelly's life, background within photography, and her conflict and confidence within creating Surreal Portraiture.

  • Erik Almas | Commercial Photography Interview

    In episode 25 Erik Almas swings by PRO EDU on a long layover through St. Louis and finds himself in the middle of an unplanned podcast with Gary & Rob. Erik talks about his career as a premier commercial photography in the industry and what drives and motivates him to keep making unique content.

  • Dixie Dixon Interview

  • Pratik Naik Interview

  • How To Use Available Light for Interviews

    Shane explains how to light people in daylight scenarios so that the background and talent, who might be in an overhang or darker lit scenario, are balanced with their lighting ratio. Learn how to reflect the sun to balance your exposures and diffuse your reflected source to soften. Shape ambient...

  • Jennifer Silverman Industry Interview

  • Greg Rannells Industry Interview

  • Marketing Interview WIth Erik

  • Interview With Erik Almas

  • An Interview with Stephanie Cotta

  • Publishing Interview with Marta Hallett

  • Interview With Tony Roslund

  • Dani Diamond Interview

  • Frederick Van Johnson Interview

    PRO EDU celebrates the priceless knowledge of working professionals by sharing the secrets of their experiences through online tutorials in photography, filmmaking, retouching, color grading, and post-production. Our students are photographers, graphic designers, retouching artists, filmmakers, a...

  • Ben Von Wong Interview | Photography & Social Change

    In this episode we are joined with Ben Von Wong in our St. Louis studio to talk about his work as a social entrepreneur using photography to convey his message and create shareable content that makes you take action.

  • Michael Eastman | Fine Art Photography Interview

    In this episode Gary and Rob sit down with Michael Eastman, a premier fine art photographer in St. Louis with gallery representation in New York. Michael talks about his career as a commercial and fine art photographer, personal projects, and how he can’t afford his own prints.

  • Chris Knight Interview

    In episode 27 of the show, we are joined with Chris Knight and Lindsay Adler in our St. Louis studio as we wrap up the filming week of our tutorial with Chris Knight. Chris talks about his work as a teacher and full time photographer in New York and is presented with a special gift for his dedica...

  • Vincent Versace Interview

    Vincent Versace is an internationally recognized pioneer in the art and science of digital photography. His passion for natural light photography is manifest not only in his work but also through his role as a creative and technical leader, contributing to innovative breakthroughs across the enti...

  • Marc Silber Interview

    Marc Silber is the author of the #1 best-selling book Advancing Your Photography, an award-winning professional video producer, photographer, and photography educator who has been successfully working in the field for decades. Marc combines his passion for the visual art of photography with his l...

  • David Parish Interview

    David Parish is the most in-demand photographer in the Southwest US and specializes in high-end portraits for models, headshot, boutiques and salons. Several of the models who have had their portraits done by David have been able to launch national and international careers. With a background in ...