Pocket Portfolio | Free Portfolio For PRO PLAN Members

Pocket Portfolio | Free Portfolio For PRO PLAN Members

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Pocket Portfolio is now FREE for all PRO PLAN members, which means you can activate your membership to get a free portfolio, client gallery, and file delivery platform. Download the attachments here and follow the instructions to activate your free PRO PLAN account at Pocket Portfolio. Check out Pocketportfolio.co and start a free trial today.

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Pocket Portfolio | Free Portfolio For PRO PLAN Members
  • Setting Up Your File Vault

    Episode 1

    File Vault is what will house your images, TJ shows you how to set it up quickly and effectively so your images can be used throughout your Pocket Portfolio.

  • Creating Your First Gallery

    Episode 2

    Most of your Pocket Portfolio pages will be galleries. Get the organization and the setup correct and your Portfolio will be amazing. Check out this video to see the ins and outs of creating your first gallery.

  • Exploring The Layout Engine

    Episode 3

    Discover the power of our layout engine which can be applied to every gallery in a portfolio including mobile. With that much flexibility the looks are endless. Take a look at this video to see how to maximize this excellent feature!

  • Building A Client Gallery

    Episode 4

    In Pocket Portfolio there is a feature called Client Desk. This is where client galleries are built and shared. Through the Client Desk a gallery can be made for download, password protected and setup for communication directly on the images. Take a look at this video and let us show you how!

  • Setting Up A Custom Domain

    Episode 5

    It doesn't matter what company hosts your domain you can connect it to Pocket Portfolio. This video is an example of how to do it with Godaddy and Cloudflare.

  • Customizing Your Menu

    Episode 6

    In this video we show the versatility of our customization. Pocket allows for the navigation menu to be custom on each page or set a default menu for multiple pages.

  • Using Overlays

    Episode 7

    An overlay is a great feature to highlight what to expect inside each gallery and to further customize your website to match your brand's voice.

  • Customizing The Behind The Scenes

    Episode 8

    Behind the Scenes is a great way to show clients how you work and what to expect. With Pocket Portfolio's built-in behind-the-scenes feature you can make BTS a part of every image you post and start maximizing your ability to get attention in the visual space.

  • Publishing and Customizing Your Blog

    Episode 9

    Blogs help you tell your story to others, learn how Pocket Portfolio makes using a blog easy. Using the user-friendly blogging features within Pocket Portfolio, you will have a blog up and running in no time.

  • Setting Up Your Social Media

    Episode 10

    Social media is a part of every visual artist's daily life. Connecting your social media to your website is essential and really easy with Pocket Portfolio.

  • Building A Video Portfolio

    Episode 11

    Video has become a major part of daily life and visual artist need to embrace and use video for all its powerful calls to action. Learn how Pocket Portfolio can help you use your video content to tell your brand story.

  • Create A Custom Home Page

    Episode 12

    Pocket Portfolio has plenty of options to help your image-forward website stand out. TJ walks you through how to customize your home page to help your vision come to life.

  • Sizing Images For The Web

    Episode 13

    Gary Martin walks you through the best practices for having a fast and efficient website by ensuring that your images are balanced between small sizes and the best quality.

  • Setting Up Your About Contact And Profile Pages

    Episode 14

    TJ walks you through setting up your contact and profile pages so your clients can reach you and learn more about who you are.