Cinematic Color Grading in Adobe Lightroom

Cinematic Color Grading in Adobe Lightroom

Coming Soon- Cinematic Color Grading for Adobe Lightroom focuses and highlights Justin Lister's Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom workflow in creating his composites, fine art, and editorial portrait style shoots. Justin's workflow with Lightroom color grading enables users to quickly build color grades using LUTS, Presets, and his retouching workflow for his photography.

Cinematic Color Grading in Adobe Lightroom
  • Justin Lister | The In Between Moments

    A sneak peak into Justin Lister, his style, and how he is. Sign up for more exclusive content here:

  • Welcome to the Tutorial - Meet Justin Lister

    Justin welcomes you to the Cinematic Color Grading in Lightroom Tutorial. Here he sets expectations and tells you what is coming up in the bulk of the tutorial.

  • Setting Up Your Workspace In Lightroom

    Every new venture begins with a good foundation, and this is no different. Justin starts this tutorial by showing you how he lays out his Lightroom workspace. Once you have your workspace set, you will likely not change it again, so make sure you hear why he chooses this layout.

  • Organizing The Workspace In Lightroom

    Justin talks about how he rates images, organizes his workflow, creates virtual copies, and in general, just keeps his workspace working for him.

  • What Are Lens Corrections Profiles

    Justin explains what the lens correction function in Adobe Lightroom is, where it is located, and how you can use it to correct common lens errors as well as how to make artistic lens choices using the function.

  • Chromatic Aberration & How To Fix It

    Ever had that purple haze on the edge of your images and weren't sure where it came from or how to fix it? Justin shows some tools you can use to quickly get rid of chromatic aberration and what to do when those quick tools don't work.

  • Vignetting & Sharpening

    When it comes to sharpening, everyone seems to have a different way and opinion about what right looks like. Justin explains his technique, why it works for him, and how to do it in Lightroom only. Justin finishes this section talking about why vignetting is important in, how to correct it, and h...

  • How To Read A Histogram in Lightroom

    Photographers know its there but do you know why? Do you ever really look at it? Do you use it to tell you the truth beyond what your eyes can see? Justin explains why and how he uses Lightroom's histogram to make the most of his images.

  • How To Build Contrast in Images

    The contrast in an image can help it standout. Contrast can be taken to the extreme for sureal looks or inverted to help an image pop. Justin talks about all the ways he uses Lightroom's various contrast adjustment tools to get the looks he wants.

  • How To Remove Contrast from Images

    Just as important as adding contrast, oftentimes you want to reduce it. Starting with a "flatter image" can help in making certain parts of the image stand out or even allow for certain cinematic looks once the color is overlaid.

  • Using Curves To Adjust Contrast

    Many of us have become accustomed to the many sliders available in modern editing programs, but curves could be considered the grandfather to them all. Curves have many applications and might just be the boost you are looking for in your editing workflow.

  • Color Temperature & Your White Balance

    Many photographer think of their white balance only in terms of how to get the images to how you saw the frame in reality when pushing the button. Is there something more than that? Justin explores how color temperatures and white balance play a critical role in the storytelling element of your i...

  • HSL

    HSL or hue, saturation, and luminance - the critical elements of color. Kate Woodman even makes an appearance here. Using the individual elements of color within your image will allow you take complete control of your colorwork.

  • Black and White

    This is a tutorial on color grading in Lightroom, right? Why the section on black and white? Justin loves some black and white images and uses them in a lot of his work to tell a story. The absence of color is still a color choice and consideration.

  • Vibrance & Saturation Tools

    Justin shoots a lot of landscapes to use as backplates in his composite images. Using the vibrance and saturation sliders are two of his go-to tools in making backgrounds pop.

  • Using Curves To Color Grade

    Like in Lightroom's sister program, Photoshop, the curves tool/panel is an extremely powerful and useful tool. In this section, Justin breaks down how he uses the curves tool to add and subtract color in Lightroom.

  • Split Toning Tool

    Split toning is one of the oldest and most frequently used color grading techniques. Many a famous photographer has relied on split toning to make their images stand out. Justin explores Lightroom's split toning sliders and walks you through some of his favorite recipes.

  • The Calibration Tool

    The calibration tool is an often overlooked slider inside of Lightroom's develop module. The calibration tool is an easy way to impact your image on the RAW level, beneath any changes you have already made.

  • Photoshop Versus Lightroom without Masking

    There are powerful tools within Lightroom to help you make adjustments without bringing your image into Photoshop where masks would be needed. Justin shows you several techniques you can use to quickly make changes to your images without spending hours masking everything off.

  • Portraiture - Cordney in Studio - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    Justin starts putting all the tools he has been discussing to work by diving into some full edits. He starts and finishes all images in Lightroom, only bringing them into Photoshop for minor clean up issues. Here we walk through the story of the Cordney in Studio image, learning about how it was ...

  • Portraiture - Cordney in Studio - Raw Processing & Cleanup

    Justin walks through the RAW processing and the cleanup of his image of Cordney in studio.

  • Portraiture - Cordney in Studio - Color Grading

    With the RAW processing and necessary clean-up done on this image, it is time to jump into applying color. Justin shows you his various techniques for getting tons of different examples of a single image and goes through his methods of picking a winning shot.

  • Portraiture - Cowgirl Motel in Studio - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    For the 2nd image in the portraiture section of this tutorial, we explore Justin's image of Cowgirl in a Motel. Developing a retouching plan and hearing an overview of how this image was shot.

  • Portraiture - Cowgirl Motel in Studio - Raw Processing & Cleanup

    The processing of the Cowgirl in Motel shot in the studio continues with processing the RAW image and doing the cleanup of blemishes.

  • Portraiture - Cowgirl Motel in Studio - Color Grading

    The Cowgirl in Motel image comes to completion with the color grading of the image.

  • Portraiture - SGT Pepper Girl in Studio - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    For our third portraiture image, Justin walks us through his image of the SGT Pepper Girl, starting with a shoot overview and retouching plan.

  • Portraiture - SGT Pepper Girl in Studio - Raw Processing & Cleanup

    We continue the walkthrough of the SGT Pepper Girl with the image's processing and cleanup.

  • Portraiture - SGT Pepper Girl in Studio - Color Grading

    Finishing the SGT Pepper Girl with color grading using virtual copies to finalize the look we want.

  • Portraiture - Goth Girl on location - Shoot Overview & Retouching

    The fourth shot in the portraiture section of this tutorial starts with the overview and retouching plan for Goth Girl.

  • Portraiture - Goth Girl on location - RAW Processing & Cleanup

    With the retouching plan in place, we start doing the RAW processing and cleanup on Goth Girl.

  • Portraiture - Goth Girl on location - Color Grading

    With the first steps all completed now we jump into the colorwork of Goth Girl. Again using virtual copies to help demonstrate the various ways an image could go.

  • Portraiture - Chain Mail on Location - Black and White

    For the last image in this section, Justin challenges himself to stay in Lightroom and to only use black and white while still coming up with multiple variations of the image.

  • The War Series

    Justin shares his experience with the War Series, telling his story about where this series came from and how it led to other jobs.

  • The War Series - Getting Ready - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    Getting Ready - shot during a war reenactors meetup in Kansas City, the background was less than ideal for a scene designed to invoke a Civil War scene. Justin talks about his lighting process and his planning in retouching this image.

  • The War Series - Getting Ready - Raw Processing & Cleanup

    Getting Ready continues to move toward its final state with Raw processing & cleanup, replacing the background and blending color schemes for a seamless look.

  • The War Series - Getting Ready - Color Grading

    The power of Justin's virtual copy method is in full display here as he creates 15 different variations of the image and selects the one he likes best.

  • The War Series - Civil War - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    Justin retouches an image he was hired to do after the success of the images from the war reenactors meetup. Taken of a real active-duty Soldier on a former military fort, this image has all the right elements to make it stand out from the pack.

  • The War Series - Civil War - Shoot Raw Processing & Cleanup

    We continue The War Series with the compositing, RAW processing, and cleanup of Civil War.

  • The War Series - Civil War - Shoot - Color Grading

    With the color grading of Civil War we again get to see how having many virtual copies of an image really allows the user to explore the ways an image could be developed.

  • The War Series - French Soldiers - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    Seeing the final image of the war series outside of the context of the straight out of camera images you would never guess it was shot inside right outside of a museum's men's room. Justin cuts out the two Soldiers (really the same person in both uniforms) and blends them into a scene that one wo...

  • The War Series - French Soldiers - Raw Processing & Cleanup

    We get to watch as Justin walks us through the staggering transformation of the this final image in the War Series part of this tutorial. Cutting out and compositing these figures into a brand new location.

  • The War Series - French Soldiers - Color Grading

    With the cutout and compositing completed Justin sets off to fully develop the French Soldiers image into a masterpiece. Showing just how much color helps develop the final image into a work of art.

  • Fine Art Environmental Portraits

    Justin's passion for his Fine Art work shines through when he discusses how his images come together, considerations that dealers and galleries want in Fine Art pieces, and how to make your stories come to life.

  • Motel - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    Justin shares the deeply personal meaning and concept behind the Motel image while developing the retouching plan.

  • Motel- Raw Processing & Cleanup

    The Motel image continues with the RAW Processing and cleanup, preparing the image for the colorwork that follows.

  • Motel - Color Grading

    Infusing color into the image, Justin talks about why certain colors work better than others and builds out this image into its finished state.

  • Basement Chicken - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    We see images constantly in our lives. How often do we think about the people behind them? Using his mother in law, nicknamed Chicken, Justin, and his family wrestle with loss while holding on to the memory.

  • Basement Chicken - Raw Processing & Cleanup

    Justin shows a simple technique to aid in complex composites while building out this image to its color ready phase.

  • Basement Chicken - Color Grading

    Justin demonstrates once again how color can completely alter the mood of an image. Changing it from night to day and sending a very different message with each.

  • Aliens - Shoot Overview & Retouching Plan

    For our last image of this tutorial, Justin explores the thought-provoking image of Aliens. A multiple shot composite that blends all the elements of storytelling and drama into one.

  • Aliens - Raw Processing & Cleanup

    Beginning with the Raw processing, syncing, and cleaning of the image you get to see first hand how all the elements of this image, shot separately, come together to deliver amazing final results.

  • Aliens- Color Grading

    The final color grade of the tutorial brings Justin's vision for this image to life.

  • Justin's Thoughts

    Asked a ton of questions when he didn't know cameras were rolling Justin gives his ideas on a variety of topics.

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