Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew

Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew

A new level of portraiture is coming to PRO EDU.

Luxe Portraiture With Jai Mayhew

11 Videos

  • Luxe Photoshoots - Introduction

    This chapter opens with Jai's favorite part of her business, photoshoots. In this introduction to the photoshoot section, Jai expresses what she thinks is most important for you to watch while she shoots.

  • Anna - Introduction To The Photoshoot

    Jai introduces the first shoot with Anna. Here Jai talks about all the details that went into building this concept, about the wardrobe, the hair, the makeup, and everything that will help tell the story Jai has prepared for Anna.

  • Anna - Posing Assignment

    Understanding how the body moves and which poses work for different scenarios is a complete game-changer for every photographer. Throughout this tutorial you see Jai mirroring poses for the subject in order to take away the insecurity a lot of people feel in front of the camera.

    In this assignm...

  • Anna - The Single Light Editorial Photo Shoot

    Studio lighting does not need to be complex, have multiple lights, or be scary. Jai starts the process of showing you her go-to lighting set-ups by demonstrating what is possible with just a single light source.

  • Anna - How To Pose For Female Sensuality

    A lot of Jai's work contains an element of sensuality to it. Jai explains how she considers female sensuality to be very different from sexuality.

    Using a beauty dish primarily, Jai walks you through a straightforward yet powerful lighting scenario that showcases your subject.

  • Anna - Adding A Second Light For Fill

    Fill light is a light source that generally is at lower power and at a different angle than the key (or primary) light. The fill light is designed to reduce contrast in images, often reducing the depth of shadows.

    Jai demonstrates adding the fill light to your shoot, often by simply bouncing th...

  • Anna - Culling The Shoot

    Culling images is an art form all in itself. Editing takes time, making sure you have the best image to start with is a critical, often overlooked, phase in your editing process.

    Jai walks you through her selection process of the first photoshoot with Anna to talk about what she sees when she i...

  • Monique - Using A Grid

    Jai discusses why adding a grid to your light can narrow the falloff or spill of lighting in order to control where the light lands on the subject or background. Jai does this by using a classic clamshell lighting scenario where the grid brings the light in on her subject.

  • Monique - Hard Versus Soft Light & Broad Versus Short Light

    Jai explores using some classic lighting scenarios- hard light, soft light, in both a broad and short situation. Jai shows how they can be combined and utilized for artistic and dramatic images. These simple lighting scenarios can be used to really drive your vision forward and give your clients...

  • Monique - Luxe Experience Interview

    Understanding how your clients feel is a key factor to Jai's overall business success. In this video, Monique describes her experience. Jai investigates why getting a picture taken is so nerve-wracking for some people and how photographers can help overcome these fears.