Real Estate Photography & Retouching With Barry Mackenzie

Real Estate Photography & Retouching With Barry Mackenzie

4 Seasons

Go on location with renowned real estate photographer, Barry Mackenzie as he crafts and prepares images of a home ready to be put on the market. Get insider tips from a working pro to capture beautifully composed images allowing potential buyers to visualize a home's layout. Learn to composite multiple exposures, control light sources to avoid color contamination, and cleanly mask yourself and your gear out of final images. Also learn to build an effective portfolio on any budget, and develop a strategy to optimize time on-location and make post-production simple.

Real Estate Photography & Retouching With Barry Mackenzie
  • Master Bedroom Shoot I

    Episode 1

    Go on location with photographer, Barry MacKenzie, as he shoots a beautiful suburban home. Observe as he approaches the challenges of space constraints, mixed lighting scenarios, color contamination and a variety of reflective surfaces. Begin to develop an approach to gear setup, lighting, compos...

  • Master Bedroom Shoot II

    Episode 2

    Change camera position and construct a new composition to accentuate detail and spatial continuity. Shoot with retouching and and the potential homebuyer in mind.

  • Master Bath Shoot

    Episode 3

    With an approach for lighting, composition, and exposure in mind, approach the challenges of the master bathroom. Learn to manage composition against unwanted environmental reflections, employing bracketing and strobe lighting to control exposure and color contamination from the natural environment

  • Dining Room Shoot

    Episode 4

    Move downstairs into a wide open floor plan with modern yet eclectic stylings. Find the right perspective balancing composition with spatial continuity to provide the potential buyers with a sense of orientation in the home.

  • Living Room Shoot

    Episode 5

    Learn to connect the living room space to the dining room by finding anchor points, to seamlessly connect your captures across an open floor plan. Overcome the challenges of highly reflective surfaces and multiple light sources. Continue to shoot with retouching in mind, capture the reality of th...

  • Kitchen Shoot I

    Episode 6

    Learn to find the right perspective and composition, in one of the most important selling points of the home - the kitchen. Find a central point for your narrative without sacrificing some of the ancillary details of the this key space in the home. Employ all of the skill sets and think about an ...

  • Kitchen Shoot II

    Episode 7

    With the first angle captured, reframe a new perspective, honing your composition for the kitchen. Continue to think about the elements of your composition that will tell the right story of the space while connecting it to the rest of the home. Balance the speed of your workflow with getting the ...

  • Parlor Room Shoot

    Episode 8

    Learn to isolate the furnishings of a home in an open concept to create functional visual interest that connects disparate spaces. Balance those same elements to create points of interest, embellishing the story of the home.

  • Powder Room Shoot

    Episode 9

    Focus on one of the most spatially constrained rooms of the home, positioned just off the modern, expansive kitchen. Utilize multiple exposures to bracket light and provide the correct elements for compositing to create a clean, beautiful image. Navigate mixed lighting and gear/photographer refle...

  • Exterior Shoot

    Episode 10

    With all of the primary rooms captured, move outside to take advantage of the proper lighting to capture the environmental beauty of the home. With constant lighting changes, look for the correct perspective, bracket multiple exposures and think about composition. Consider perspective lines and l...