The Complete Build - Air Dusty CGI Commercial Shoe Tutorial

The Complete Build - Air Dusty CGI Commercial Shoe Tutorial

3 Seasons

The Complete Builds are a series of projects related to CGI where you get the opportunity to follow along with Maxon Master Trainer, Dustin Valkema, as he moves through real-world projects. In this episode, Dustin tackles doing a new colorway on a classic shoe, developing both a white sweep, eCommerce style scenario, and a CGI-produced stylized ad for the shoe. Follow along as Dustin takes you through the process from beginning to end, learning all the skills needed to be a working professional.

The Complete Build - Air Dusty CGI Commercial Shoe Tutorial
  • Intro to Chapter Welcome

    Episode 1

    Using assets from the Air Dusty Complete build, Dustin explains his creative vision for placing those shoes into a CGI environment that can be used for commercial ad space.

  • Creating the Environment

    Episode 2

    Using basic cubes, spherical fields, and displacement maps Dustin creates a unique environment for the shoes to rest in.

  • Camera & Lighting

    Episode 3

    Here Dustin continues to build the scene for the Air Dusty Commerical Ad by working on the camera placement and lighting for the images.

  • Adding Materials To The Environment

    Episode 4

    Grunge maps, displacement nodes, transform nodes, multiply inputs - these features are just a few of the Octane node editor features used to breathe life into the CGI environment as materials are added to the circuit boards the shoes are resting on.

  • Tactical Pause

    Episode 5

    Dustin uses this opportunity to give the images a once over to examine all the details involved before rendering the final images that he will bring to photoshop for the post-processing.

  • Photoshop Post Production

    Episode 6

    After the rendering is complete, the renders are still brought into Photoshop to be retouched using Dustin's advanced retouching methods for every render layer.

  • Color Grading in Camera Raw

    Episode 7

    Giving the image the final looks to tie it all together. Color grading can be one of the most exciting portions of a retouch and one of the things that can really separate your work from the masses.

  • Air Dusty | Assignment 2

    Episode 8

    Now it's time to take what you have learned on the commercial build and put it into action. Can you accept the challenge and build a completely new product placement idea?

  • Air Dusty | Tutorial Outro

    Episode 9

    Lots of challenges were met as part of the Air Dusty Complete Build. Dustin recaps the learning objectives and closes out the tutorial.