The Science Of Color With Kate Woodman

The Science Of Color With Kate Woodman

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In their quest for better images, photographers often overlook the importance of color. Kate Woodman breaks down the science of color and will show you why you need to make color a driving force behind all of your image making. By understanding color balance, color harmonies and how to manipulate color Kate, will show you how you can control mood and emotion for effective storytelling.

The Science Of Color With Kate Woodman
  • Intro To Science Of Color

    Episode 1

    Join photographer, Kate Woodman, on a journey of color. Explore her interest in relationships, concepts, and ultimately great color work. Conceptualize color theory, through location and studio shooting, and intelligent retouching. Learn the Science of Color and bring intentional vibrance to your...

  • The Purpose of Color

    Episode 2

    Learn the definition of color. Examine it as a wavelength of light and how we perceive the spectrum. Consider the phycological, emotional and even physical responses color can elicit from us. Examine the specific influence of the color blue.

  • Properties of Color

    Episode 3

    Expand upon the definition of color by breaking down its individual properties. Define and visualize the properties of hue, saturation, and luminosity. Understand concepts such as tinting, shading, toning, low-key vs high-key imagery. Focus on the interdependent nature of color's properties to be...

  • Color Mixing

    Episode 4

    With the definition of color and its 3 main properties, examine the visible spectrum of light in the construct of a color wheel. Compare the RGB and CMYK color models. Define complementary, primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Examine the specific influence of the color green.

  • Color Harmony

    Episode 5

    Define and understand the concept of Color Harmony. Visualize color comparing and contrasting monochromatic, complementary, split complementary, double split complementary, triadic, quadratic and analogous harmonies. Examine the specific influence of the color orange.

  • Harmony Example

    Episode 6

    After defining and examining some simpler analogies of color - its properties and harmonies, begin to examine photographer, Kate Woodman's imagery. Test your ability to decipher color harmonies for yourself. Examine the specific influence of the color pink.

  • Color Balance

    Episode 7

    Understanding that the theory and science behind color can present complex and abstract concepts, explore a tangible analogy of color harmonies. Observe and visualize the relationship of color utilizing an actual color wheel to explore balance, saturation, harmony and compliment. Examine the spec...

  • Luminosity Contrast

    Episode 8

    With an understanding of color contrast focus on the importance of luminosity contrast. Explore and visualize the relationship between color and luminosity. Examine the dimensional spectrum of color as it relates to luminance. Examine the specific influence of the color red.

  • Perception

    Episode 9

    Continue to build on your understanding of color by differentiating brightness versus lightness. Use specific examples from photographer, Kate Woodman, to contextualize brightness and lightness. Explore environmental imagery and see how color communicates weight, orientation, and dimension. Exami...

  • Psychology

    Episode 10

    Study the ideas behind Resonance Theory. Begin to connect how we are intimately connected to the frequencies of color around us. Observe specific examples of imagery from photographer, Kate Woodman, to see what kind of emotional responses color can elicit. Examine the specific influence of the co...